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The whole industry Screws application solutions comply with the standards of GB, DIN, JIS, IFI, ISO. JIS ,Accept small quantities of non-standard products, custom production.

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Tianjin Gem-Year screw Co.,ltd

Tianjin Gem-Year screw Co.,ltd

    Company is located in easily accessible Yuejin Road, Dongli District, 10 km east of Tianjin Binhai International Airport ,4 km east of Jingjintang high-speed. Currently the company stock has reached two thousand kinds of products with the national standard (GB), American Standard (ANSI), German Standard (DIN), Japanese Standard (JIS), Internationa...

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How do I remove rusted screws?
(1) filling lubricating oil removal method.A few drops of oil on the screw or a relatively strong penetration of lubricating oil, to be a period of time after the infiltration of oil screw gap, you ca...
Screw does not open how to do?
Give you three ways:1. With the blade open, but it is a technology2. to find a thermal thing with a screw to get hot, such as cooling down the screw can be screwed3. At the top of a small screwdriver ...

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